“Painting is easy when you don’t know how,

but very difficult when you do.”

– Edgar Degas

So if I were to say, “painting is easy,” you may deduce that I am still a novice, and you would be right.  Sure, I’ve painted off and on since grade school, acquired a fair amount of knowledge and talent, even scored a few commissions over the years, but I’m no Van Gogh.  (I still have both my ears!)

Painting gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I paint to amuse and amaze myself.  I can laugh at an epic fail or marvel over an almost masterpiece, because I enjoy the process.  I love the texture and the flow, the magic and the mystery.

I am currently exploring Plein Air, (painting outside).  It is challenging, exciting and tests my skills against the elements.  It combines my fondness for nature and desire for travel.  

Each medium has it’s own personality and secrets.  I relish the ah-ha moments when it all comes together or a new technique is discovered. 

I learn something every time I pick up a brush and someday I hope to be accomplished enough to say,  “painting is difficult.”  Until then, it’s all fun.

Traverse City, Michigan

Miramar Beach, Florida