“Painting is easy when you don’t know how,

but very difficult when you do.”

– Edgar Degas

So if I were to say, “painting is easy,” you may deduce that I am still a novice, and you would be right.  Sure, I’ve painted off and on since grade school, acquired a fair amount of knowledge and talent, even scored a few commissions over the years, but I’m no Van Gogh.  (I still have both my ears and I’m only a little bit crazy!)

I need the tangible sense of accomplishment, but mostly I paint to amuse and sometimes amaze myself.  I can laugh at an epic fail or marvel over an almost masterpiece, because I enjoy the process.  I love the texture and the flow, the magic and the mystery.

I am currently exploring Plein Air, (painting outside).  It is challenging, exciting and tests my skills against the elements.  It combines my fondness for nature and desire for travel, and I have met some truly wonderful people.

Each of the painting mediums has it’s own personality and secrets.  Though I have worked with most of them, I believe that traditional oils will be my medium of choice for the long run.  I like the flexibility of the slow dry and the freedom to make changes at whim.  I relish the ah-ha moments when a new technique is applied and it seems to all come together.

I learn something every time I pick up a brush and someday I hope to be accomplished enough to say,  “painting is difficult.”  Until then, it’s all fun.

Traverse City, Michigan

Miramar Beach, Florida